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Stylish Ways to Tie a Women’s Scarf

For a long time, scarves have been cherished as a versatile accessory that helps in catering a fit effortlessly. Adding a scarf to your outfit adds a touch of warmth, elegance and vibrant color, making it a must-have accessory in your wardrobe.

The different ways to wear a women’s scarf can also add a touch of fashion-forward flair to your look. If you’re unsure about how to wear a scarf for women, read this guide.

We will discuss how to tie a scarf for women and share insight tips to elevate your looks!

Different Ways to Tie a Women’s Scarf

There are several scarf styles for ladies. Let’s take a look at some cute ways to tie a scarf.

1.Classic Loop

This is the most traditional scarf style for women. To style a scarf in a Classic loop, you would have to drape your scarf around your neck. For step two, you'd have to loop it around the neck once and then let the tails hang. For this style, you can check out Forever 21’s Patch Graphic Oblong Scarf and Frayed Trim Oblong Scarf, as these prints are the ideal shout for the classic loop in the modern day.

2.French Knot

The French knot is more of a European approach to styling a scarf. For this style, you must fold the scarf in half diagonally to make it a triangle. Then, drape the scarf over the shoulder and wrap it around the neck and back to the front again. For the last step, you just tie to the two ends per your preference, and viola, you get a French Knot. For this scarf style, Forever 21 provides various printed scarves, such as, Floral Print Square Scarf and Ornate Print Square Scarf.

3.Infinity Loop

This is another traditional cute way to tie a scarf, arriving from the Eastern world. In this style, the first step is to tie the scarf together, creating a loop with the fabric. Next, pull the scarf over your head and then cross the scarf in front, creating another loop. For step three, insert the loop over your head again. Now, for the final step, adjust the scarf as per your preferences. You can try Forever 21’s ribbed infinity scarf to create the perfect infinity loop!

4.Head Wrap

Head wraps are more of a common style that took a sudden rise in recent years. This is an easy and quick style for a scarf. For the first step, the scarf should be folded into a triangle. Then, place the folded edge on your forehead. Next, take the two ends back to the nape of the neck. In the last step, tie in a knot above the triangle, and you have a head wrap. The floral Paisley Square Scarf and Satin Abstract Print Scarf from Forever 21 are one of the best for this scarf style.

5.Scarf Top

This is a recent adoption of style for scarves. For this style, step one is to fold the scarf diagonally and form a triangle. For the second step, you’d have to drape the scarf over the torso and wrap it around nicely. For the last step, you would have to tuck in the ends carefully. Forever 21’s Floral Print Square Scarf and Ornate Print Square Scarf are nice caterers of this scarf style for women.

Wrapping Up

Scarves have always been around as a symbol of fashion as well as a statement. It serves a purpose as a utility and a statement to fashion if used correctly. A women’s scarf adds a sense of style, grace and glamour to your outfit, provoking the taste of the elites.

Investing in the right scarves and knowing how to style them right enables functionality and charm together.  You can select the perfect scarf from Forever 21’s wide range of scarf styles and choose the one that best compliments your outfit!


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