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Men's Embroidered Shorts: Be Bold With Your Style

Looking to stand out? You need embroidered shorts for men! These shorts add a dash of personality to any outfit, allowing you to stand out and look great.

Are you ready to make your bold style statement with Forever 21's embroidered shorts for men?

Set A Summer Vibe with Men's Embroidered Shorts

Embroidered shorts for men online at Forever 21 are summer essentials. Here are our top styles for when you want to buy men's embroidered shorts:

Embroidered Earth Shorts

Who wouldn't want a tiny little globe embroidered on their shorts? It's like telling everyone, "Hey, I care about the environment, and my shorts tell the story." Mens Embroidered Earth shorts also have a relaxed fit, keeping you comfortable all day long.

Embroidered Surf Drawstring Shorts

These men's embroidered surf shorts are great for anyone who wants to look like they're ready to catch some waves. It doesn't matter where you are headed. You will give a cool beachy day vibe.

Embroidered ‘Good Times’ Shorts

Who doesn't love good times? Good Times men's embroidered shorts are perfect for anyone who wants to broadcast their love for fun times. The embroidery on these shorts gives them a fun look, while providing a pop of color to your outfit!

Embroidered ‘Casbah Palace’ Shorts

The embroidery on these shorts is intricate and detailed. They are crafted using terry cloth and come with a drawstring waist to adjust comfort.

Embroidered ‘Sunset’ Sweat Shorts

Because nothing says "I'm a laid-back, chill dude", like a pair of men's embroidered shorts with a giant embroidered word “sunset” on them.

Embroidered ‘Wanna Go Surfin’ Shorts

Embroidered ‘Wanna Go Surfin’ shorts are perfect for anyone who wants to let everyone know they want to go surfing. The embroidery on these shorts is like a little reminder of what you'd rather be doing than sitting in a meeting.

Buy Embroidered Shorts For Men From Forever 21

 Embroidered shorts for men are a bold fashion choice that will make a statement. Get yourself a pair (or pairs) and give a vibe check through your shorts. Let your shorts do the talking.

Shop for men's shorts online at Forever 21!

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