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Pamper your skin with Forever 21

Who doesn't desire glowing skin? The feeling of the soft skin that a feather would slip on the face is so relaxing. We chase actresses to know their skincare routines and try to copy them.

What if we spill their secrets?

Forever 21 brings you products that are worth your skin. These products will be your go-to skin care products, and you'll love them.

Carry a handbag of skin care products with you from Forever 21. We extract the magic out of your skin!

Stayed up all night? Put on an eye mask

Long nights, coffee runs, sleepless nights giving you puffy eyes? Are they swollen as the yellow of the egg? Don't worry.

Whether it is your regular soothing skincare routine or you want to depuff the eyes, there is nothing better than a cucumber eye mask. The gentle cold of the cucumber on the eyes feels as if the eyes are getting a manicure.

We have a similar eye mask which twins the cucumber mask! Surprised? It's the PVC eye masks. No more work, no messier kitchen. Just freeze the eye mask and put it on, and slay. It is so hydrating that your eyes will love them. You are yet to experience the magic of the mask!

Have true self-care with bath salt!

Extended screen time, hard-working hours, and days out in the pollution may cause fatigue and tire the muscles. Well, there is a solution—a long hot bath to loosen the muscle aches.

A relaxing bath in a hot tub with bath salt and essential oils makes it a perfect evening soother! Forever 21 UAE brings you the best bath salt from Bubble. Available in various flavors, these flavors add a fruity and juicy aroma to your bath. Bath salts from Forever 21 are perfect for your night aromatherapy!

The best part about these bath salts is that they are infused with essential oils and fruit extracts, the best tranquilizers ever known. Therefore, enjoy the long hot bath infusing these bath salts that even make you sleep in the tub!

Click a stunning pout with these patch masks!

Sundays are meant for skin care, and the long stress of the weekdays can finally be washed away with a long hot bath and a face sheet mask. Face sheet masks are lovely products that everybody loves. The soothing, hydrating face masks refresh the face and make it smooth and plump. Forever 21 welcomes you to KOCOSTAR patch masks in various flavors. These sheets are rich in moisture and make the skin supple and soft, and they not only calm but also nourish the skin with their fruit extracts.

Put on a face mask, pout, and take many selfies. It's high time you care for your skin because it deserves it. Your skin will fall in love with these sheet masks.

So put on a melody, grab your frozen eye mask, put on the sheets, and enjoy the aesthetics!

Don't be late. Order your favorite skin products for your glassy skin from the store. Give yourself a relaxing spa today!

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