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What are referrer, referee, rewards and some related terms?

In our context of referral programs for business:

Referral: The act or process of transferring something to another, of sending by reference, or referring.
Referrer (Brand Advocate/ Ambassador): a person who makes a referral/refers another (their friends, family and acquaintances).
Referee (Friend): a person who is invited to a referral/ referred by another.
Referral Programs: programs that are designed to specifically motivate the existing customers to help a business find new customers.
Rewards: what participants in a referral program earn on successful completion of a referral.

What is a referral link?

A Referral link is a type of URL used in referral marketing campaigns to promote a brand and its products through the existing customers. All participants (referrers and referees) in a referral program can access the link to promote, purchase, and get rewards.

How to invite new customers to join the referral program?

There are 2 ways for you to easily invite a customer to join the referral program.

·Show the referral page or the referral popup on your store: You can leave your and your friends’ emails on the referral page/popup displayed on your website.

·You can also share the referral link via Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, and Twitter.

    Why haven't I received a reward yet after referring a friend who has placed an order?

    There are some cases that you haven’t received their rewards:

    • Your friend may forget to apply your referral code to their recent order (accepting your referral invitation);
    • Your referral code is invalid, due to some violations or expiry date;
    • Your friend’s order has not been marked as successfully paid in the store yet.

    So, please make sure you’re not falling into the above cases to earn more rewards.

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